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Venture Backed is the premier digital engagement and social networking platform for founders, investors, and service providers within the venture capital ecosystem. We provide top-tier validation tools, and quality deal flow sourcing. We are committed to providing our users with accurate, up-to-date data and actionable insights that enable our users to make the best decisions for their businesses.

How Venture Backed Adds Value

We empower founders with the tools, resources and access they need to succeed!

Advanced Matching & Networking Tools

Our powerful matching algorithms allow Venture Backed to quickly connect founders with the right investors and service providers in their industry.

Streamlined Investor Search Process

With our sophisticated search filters and matching tools, we simplify the investor search process for founders, allowing them save valuable time that can be allocated to other critical areas of their company's growth strategy.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides founders with access to a range of educational materials and resources that will enhance their knowledgebase and make them better equipped to steward their company to exit.

$10,000.00 Monthly Grant Giveaway

Through our monthly Back The Venture pitch competition, we provide winning founders with a 10,000.00 non dilutive grant to help them continue to grow and scale their businesses.

Exclusive Benefits

As a Gitex and/or Expand North Star participant, Founders are eligible for a 15% discount on our annual Founder Pro membership to Venture Backed. Join the Venture Backed waitlist today to take advantage of this exclusive savings benefit. 

Client Testimonials

“Venture Backed can become a game changer in the industry to allow for more transparency and streamlined deal making to enable better outcomes for founders, investors and all acting within this space. Venture Backed will and can be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and start-up founders looking to navigate the complex world of venture capital funding.”
Dujon Smith
“I recently signed up to be a part of Venture Backed and wow… the system is very intuitive, the signup process is simple, and the growth and marketing potential will undoubtedly help DQualifier to fund and grow. I’m excited to partake as I know investors will love the transparency that the system provides, and this mutual trust arrangement will do wonders to help us as we navigate the startup landscape. I've never seen another platform like it, so this is it.”
Bruce Ross
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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Venture Backed FAQs

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions and learn even more about Venture Backed and our Back the Venture pitch competition. 

No, eligibility to pitch in the Back The Venture pitch competition is restricted to Founder Pro members on Venture Backed.

As a participant in the Gitex and/or Expand North Star events in Dubai, you are eligible for a 15% discount on our Founder Pro annual membership subscription  when you upgrade. 

To take advantage of this discount, sign up to our waitlist today!

No, applying to participate in the Back The Venture pitch competition is free of charge. The only requirement to apply is to be a registered user of Venture Backed with a Founder Pro membership. Want to become a member? Join Our Waitlist Now!

Yes, founders who have never been selected to pitch at a Back The Venture pitch competition are encouraged to apply as many times as necessary to be selected to pitch. 

Founders who have been selected to pitch but did not win the pitch competition must wait 1 year before they can be considered for another Back The Venture pitch competition. 

Founders who have won a Back The Venture pitch competition are ineligible to participate in another Back The Venture pitch competition.   

The first step is to join our waitlist, look out for your membership invitation, Sign up for a Founder user account on Venture Backed and then upgrade to a Founder Pro account. 

The second step is to have an active deal room on Venture Backed. We give the strongest consideration to founders who's companies have active deal rooms on Venture Backed. 

Venture Backed is a social networking platform that is structured to be natively familiar to users who are accustomed to other platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. However, where we differ is in our unique ability to leverage data points and metrics from user interactions, deal rooms, and preferences to suggest matches between users that are an ideal fit for both parties.

Join out waitlist and you will have taken the first step towards experiencing how Venture Backed can positively impact the trajectory of your company's journey!

No! Venture Backed does not share founder or company deal room data. Founders have complete control over who has access to their company's deal room data and can remove any investors or service providers deal room access at anytime. 

As a policy, Venture Backed does not force, mandate or require any founder to share their deal room data with anyone on the platform (even if their access was sponsored by another user). 

However, your sponsor may require that you share your deal room data with them as a condition of sponsorship. You should check the terms and conditions of your sponsored access with your sponsor. 

Venture Backed does not mediate, govern, or enforce any outside agreements or understandings between users. 

At Venture Backed, we take data protection and security seriously. We have a robust system of security policies and practices that ensure that your data is safe. Visit our Security Center to learn about all the ways that Venture Backed protects you and your data.

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